Carol's Heart book

By Marianna on February 1, 2018

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How easy is to slip into not living a mindful life…

By Marianna on February 12, 2017

How easy is to slip into not living a mindful life. Parties. Household duties. Friends meetings. School arrangements. Carols at school. Shopping for presents. House decorations. Entertaining friends . Usual never ending chores. I’m far from ideal. I haven’t figured all out. No one has. The old saying holds: “fake it until you make i”t. But what is the definition of make it? Would it be a fake version of making it?

Today, I’m going to be mindful of my beliefs.

By Marianna on February 10, 2017

Are all of them still serving me? For example I used to think that it’s better not to bother my friends by calling or texting them just in case I look needy. I’m getting rid of this belief today as I know it does not longer belong in my supermarket of values 🙂 I think our mind is like a large supermarket. Some of our beliefs have long shelf life, they don’t go out of date.

At my local supermarket…

By Marianna on January 30, 2017

At my local supermarket I always choose to be served by a lovely, but rarely happy lady. Still beautiful, although the years had took their toll on her face, emotional burdens had taken the spark out of her eyes, day in – day out sitting at a job that made her skin pale. I know her life story all too well. We are friends…in those 10 – 15 minutes once a week at the end of my shopping trip.

Ladies. What are your hobbies…?

By Marianna on January 30, 2017

Your business? Your inspirations? Over the years I tried to do and to create many things. Just to discover time and time again that it was not fitting around my family life. And my family and my kids- is the upmost paramount venture of my life. But Now – Im finishing most of my trainings. Im in the right circles of professionals. I have learned a lot. Got inspired. Then went back and founded my own grounding.

A Heart to Heart Conversation…

By Marianna on January 3, 2017

In June I am going to be qualified coach. I went out. Networked a lot. Connected heart to heart with some most amazing people. Learned from them. Read zillions of books:-)) Met many people. Heard many stories of success and failure. It’s both. Interchangable. Good times. Bad times. We all have our present reality. Our duties. Our obligations. Our families. Our reality. Could each and single of us be creating our reality- are we powerful enough to be able creating new reality for ourselves?

Another Heart to Heart Conversation…

By Marianna on January 3, 2017

I have been very active today 😉 at home in silence. Went to a few events this weekend. Fantastic people. Uplifting speeches. Ladies and gentlemen sharing their experiences of how they made it. Of how they started on their journey of living their life. How they had the courage to design their own life the way they want it. So today I’m spending the day tidying up my home:-) Toilets are bleached.

Five Step Happy Coaching Program

By Marianna on January 3, 2017

This course can be run for either individuals or a company. It is especially useful for teams, to try and foster a positive environment. Please contact me using the link to the right to discuss further how it could work for you.

Your Goals, Strengths, Dreams & Desires’ Program

By Marianna on January 3, 2017

This course can be run for either individuals or teams and help you determine what your goals, desires and weaknesses are.

School of confidence and happiness

By Marianna on December 31, 2016

This training is being developed at the moment, and will be available soon.

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