By Marianna | February 10, 2017

…I was focusing on mindfulness of the moment and self respect.

Sometimes we have people around us that are jealous, manipulative, like to usr or belittle.

Makes us feel uncomfortable, cause distress or say nasty things in your face with a smile.

Those people are needy. They think of themselves as super important.

They nag. Beg for attention. Or ignore you some other times.

If you listen to yourself- you will know that those kind of people are bad for you.

Some time ago I had to let all so called friends and acquaintances go. Cleared the space for new friends to come into my life.

And now I enjoy interactions with few very special friends.

We cherish each other. There for each other.

We support. Admire. See each other grow.

Have you recently checked your tribe?

Also people will only treat you how you allow them.

Put yourself forward as a highly valuable personality, and you will be treated accordingly.

Price yourself cheap and you will get what aimed for;-)

Today was day of exercises.


Reflecting on the weekend.



Enjoying silence and being present in now.

How was your day?

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