By Marianna | January 3, 2017

I have been very active today 😉 at home in silence.

Went to a few events this weekend.

Fantastic people. Uplifting speeches. Ladies and gentlemen sharing their experiences of how they made it.

Of how they started on their journey of living their life.

How they had the courage to design their own life the way they want it.

So today I’m spending the day tidying up my home:-)

Toilets are bleached. Clothes are washed. Floors are cleaned. Dinner is ready to be cooked and I’m munching on the salad and fishcakes.

Just a little break now – while having my lunch.

So far today I researched how to meditate.

I made my own personal plan how to heal any hurts that I had in my life and I’m reaching out for help.

Hopefully I will have two coaching sessions this week.

Something is holding me back.

And I feel fear.

But I’m going to do it anyway 🙂

Feel I can write a lot today- feel really inspired and can’t wait to share everything with you here.

But there are outstanding chores still to be done.

I’m preparing everything now- so when my son comes from school – I can feed him his afternoon snacks. So we could snuggle on the sofa. So that we could have quality time together.

Having an older son at Uni – makes time with my younger that much more special – I appreciate it more.

Time flies by very fast.

Like yesterday I have left my older son with my mum and came as a language student to London.

I was hoping to become pharmacist just like at home.

Who had said that “Life is unfolding in front of our eyes, whilst we busy planning it” 🙂

Arriving at 25 – now 42. Reflecting back on the 17 years.

It’s gone by way too fast!!! I had terrible separation issues. Not any longer.

Many times I had no choice but to be strong.

Moving into new country not even being able to speak English at all. With my German – I should have gone to Germany:-)

But my friend was coming as a student to England and I have joined her.

So cleaning today my picture frames I had time to think. To see my now 20 year old as a baby in those photos. My younger son as a baby…

So I’m present in today.

I’m counting my blessings.

Planning my life – but also letting to unfold it as it will.

What are you up to today my heroes?

My most important achievement so far?

My family.

I have nothing else to show for:-)

Is it too little?

On the contrary – I’m so house proud, and my boys are the best two masterpieces and my greatest achievements so far.

I put my heart, my knowledge, my soul and my endless soups and pancakes into them:-)

Looking back now- it’s the best time of my life.

Every single day so far with my family – was the best days in my life.

Not perfect. Some were bitter…some I would rather not remember…but overall.

So far, I had the best life I could ever wished for:-)

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