By Marianna | January 3, 2017

In June I am going to be qualified coach.

I went out. Networked a lot. Connected heart to heart with some most amazing people. Learned from them. Read zillions of books:-))

Met many people. Heard many stories of success and failure. It’s both. Interchangable. Good times. Bad times.

We all have our present reality.

Our duties. Our obligations. Our families.

Our reality. Could each and single of us be creating our reality- are we powerful enough to be able creating new reality for ourselves?

On your own- possibly not. We are all part of bigger group. Bigger tribe.

Time to create new reality, whilst retaining my present reality.

Creating new part of my reality.

So I can live my purpose. I create the reality that i think i deserve. Not just for myself.

By doing so- i will empower other people to create realities too.

What do you know deep inside that you can do?

Write a book? Paint? Volunteer? Get that job? Create that company?

What would you do if you had a second chance?

Courage? Knowledge? Support from from likeminded people?

Who said we have to be enslaved to one particular reality that we are stack in?

Life is too short and go by way too fast.

Everyday counts as today special reality.

And we have power to create todays reality.

As well as lay down foundations to the new realities.

But be flexible – as nothing is written in stone.

Our future isn’t.

Each tiny decision is shaping our reality.

If you could ever work out that you and Only You have power to Your reality. And you move towards YOUR PURPOSE.

And people who meant to be in your life- be with you for the right reasons.

Thats true power and true reality.

So we have to get out. Meet. Collaborate. Learn.

Be. Become. Life the best life we could ever have… the life we deserve 🙂

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