What a fantastic weekend it was

My youngest is so grown up. I’m so blessed he is healthy, happy and we are celebrating his birthday.

The whole weekend he is the king of our house:-)

Healthy kids is the biggest blessing.

Today I’m reflecting on last 20 years of Motherhood.

Ups and downs of course, but kids are such a gift to us. We are all immortal though our offsprings.

My mum, dad and all my ancestors are alive in me.

And I’m part of my kids. My heart is in them. My aspirations, hopes, dreams, devotion.

I’m so mindful how many close to me heart friends I have.

We are sharing our lives, laughter, aspirations.

We support and lift each other. Love each other.

We are there for each other.

The life flows by like a fast river…

Catching that moment – seeing it on the photo.

Time flies way to much to my liking.

The only antidote is to be present in the moment.

Saviour present.

Enjoying the moment.

Love life.

Taking care of your health.

Finding time for friends.

I’m mindful how lucky I am.

To be alive.

To live in this wonderful land of free.

And to look forward into the future, whilst making each and single day count.

How was your weekend?

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