… I’m going to concentrate on how lucky I am with all the people that I know. Friends and acquaintances. We are so beneficial to one another.

So in need of each other support, kindness, involvement.

I’m so blessed with my friends. My school friends. College buddies. Most of my amazing teachers are not alive any longer Without them I wouldn’t be me. So thank you for being part of my life❤

Also today I’m going to

Exercise and stretch.

Enjoy freshly cooked food.

Saviour home freshly made bread- it smells and taste divine.


Enjoy my family.

Read books.


Write down any creative thoughts that come along.


Feel blessed.


Have pyjama day.

Enjoy seeing the day go by…

Allow time just to flow…without noticing it.

Feel connected to all those amazing people around me – whether we see each other often or not:-)

Enjoy being alive…have family…roof over my head.

What Is your day going to be like?

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