Today, I am mindful of the time.

Exercising is becoming my daily routine. I feel good during and really good afterwards.

My health is my wealth is a new Mantra.

Any kind of activities is good. Brisk walk, stairs, running, swimming, exercise bike, regular bike, pilates, tennis, anything really.

Food taste much better and the energy level is great too.

I can’t recommend enough Epsom salt in bath- full of magnesium, it’s perfect to relax muscles and skin. Same for dead Sea salt. Especially in the winter.

Combined with healthy meals and plenty of water- best way to keep healthy and well in the winter.

I meditated for 10 minutes.

Felt the time flow.

Completed my to do list.

Worked on my advertising campaign for Global woman magazine.

Cooked healthy meal.

I had another mindful day.

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