Your Goals, Strengths, Dreams & Desires’ Program

The course

3 HOURS: Each session lasts for 1 hour, and can either be conducted in person in Picadilly Circus Central London, or via Skype.

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Keynote presentations on the ‘Your Goals, Strengths, Dreams & Desires’ program are available for public speaking and corporate environments. Workplace training courses are also available upon request.

Each coaching session combines a series of thought-provoking questions and tasks for the participants, along with hands-on coaching for visible results.

Step one:

Clarify your company/personal values and goals. Setting out your long and short term BIGGER vision. Understanding and establishing long and short term goals. A personal development assessment of where you are, what areas of your life could use some improvement, and how to make those changes by setting realistic and achievable goals. Strengths

Step two:

Understanding of your strengths, both personal and in the company environment. Create a plan for increased performance through the Pareto Principle of effective time management. Identify personal strengths along with hat needs to improve in your life, what strengths you possess that have not been realised yet, and how to make those changes by setting up realistic and achievable techniques to use your personal strengths. Step by step implementation of your personal strengths. Dreams & Desires

Step three:

What are your dreams?

Why do we have dreams?

Identify personal or company DREAMS/ DESIRES, and learn how to implement your dreams in your daily routine. Tools and techniques for staying focused, content, enthusiastic and energetic enough to achieve your dreams.

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